maandag 8 maart 2021

Figuary - day 8

Een maand, gewijd aan modeltekenen. Dit is het resultaat van dag acht.

180° gedraaid Figuary21 naaktstudie aquarel - dag 8 - door Linda S. Leon   180° gedraaid - Figuary21 naaktstudie aquarel - dag 8 - door Linda S. Leon

(180° turn)

Aquarel en grafiet
in mijn schetsboek
elk 29,7/21 cm

I chose twice the position that inspired me the most, while the wheel turned the model 360°.
For a closer view, click a drawing


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4 opmerkingen :

  1. Apropos "price(s)": I have no idea at all.
    How much did you have to pay for how many minutes?

    1. The question is, how much are each of these worth...
      I'm a terrible merchant. Guess I'm too conscious (to use the words of Nadar/ see the column on the right)

    2. My fault, sorry, Linda.
      I want to know if a) you had to pay the models, and b) for how long would they be posing.

      Terrible merchant? So there are already two of us. ;-)

    3. The price normally depends on the model and the agreement you make. The models I know ask between 10-12€ per session of an hour. Posing nude is more expensive ofcourse than posing dressed.
      But if you 're lucky, there are always people to be found, who want to pose for free ;-)


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