woensdag 14 februari 2024



They are coming - watercolor sketched on location by Linda S. Leon for https://tussendelijntjes.blogspot.com/

Graphite sketch made on location by Linda S. Leon for  https://tussendelijntjes.blogspot.com/


In my village we celebrate carnival at Mid-Lent. And I can assure you, we know how to celebrate!
As Easter is early this year, our carnival is too : the first weekend of march, but not as early as Aalst and Moerzeke. They had their carnival last weekend, with the beginning of Lent. 

I went to see the Parade in Moerzeke on sunday, and made these fast watercolor and graphite sketches. I hope they give an impression of the atmosphere over there. The music? accompanying this event, I leave to your imagination ^^

The watercolor sketches are from the parade; the graphite sketches are from the people waiting for it...  In case you would wonder : when the parade arrived, it rained confetti and no longer water !


2 opmerkingen :

  1. Obviously a nice warm-up for your own carnival, eh? ;-)
    How long do you need for such "fast" sketches, Linda?
    I particularly like the one with umbrella man and top hat man.

    1. Guess you're right about that, Sean.
      Do you celebrate carnaval in the place where you live?
      Those sketches took each about 3 to 5 minutes I think, but I can be wrong about that, as I'm not sensing time when I'm drawing or painting. As a matter of fact I don't sense anything at all, except my vision... I think painting or drawing is like meditating.


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