zaterdag 26 maart 2016

Some of my older paintings (part II )


a puzzle painting from a puzzled bear
Oil on (several connected) canvas(ses).
100/120 cm

After reading a story  to my son about a Teddy bear called "Washable" by Michael Ende, I made this "puzzle" painting several years ago, commissioned by Ibis Antwerp for a benefit exhibition annex auction for uderprivileged children.
I used my own old Teddy bear, which I got from my grandfather on my first anniversary, as a model.

"For which reason are you on this world?" asks a fly the old Teddy bear who's name is "Washable", after a label sewed behind his ear. The poor toy get's a little upset by this question, as he 's feeling lonely lately, because the child to whom he belongs, has grown up and doesn't play with him any longer. So he can't ask his advise either, to find an answer to give to the fly. 
When he starts questioning the other animals he get's even more puzzled, because each of them has an answer to the question for themselves, but none of them can tell the reason why 'Washable' excists.

After a long quest, the Teddy bear finaly finds the answer himself...

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