maandag 12 september 2016

The card players

Kertem Bar in Város Liget (citypark) - Budapest 2016
Graphite sketch in my sketchbook
29,7 / 21 cm


Last year the Olof Palme House in the Citypark of Budapest was a desolated and depressing place, irrespective of the beauty of the building. I remember my traveling companion and I regretting this, cause the architecture and the environment as well, surely had a potential for tourism. But guess what? 

This year, we discovered we weren't the only ones with this opinion ...
Some creative folks had planted a wooden bar decorated with old vinyl records in the garden in front of the building, surrounded by colorfull furniture and decoration, changing the place into an enchanting location, for anyone to enjoy some drinks and conversation amidst a laid-back atmosphere, in the evening illuminated by multicolored bulbs. I truly like entrepreneurs like that!

The sketch of the card players on top, I've made in this "Kertem Bar" one early august afternoon, this summer, sitting in the green, enjoying jazzy music in the background, sunshine on my shoulders and sipping a cool drink... 

Heaven couldn't offer any better ;-)
Moreover they sold beer from my homeplace there (notice "Hoegaarden" on the board)...

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