donderdag 10 december 2015

Anonymus (the original)

Reisschetsen van de voorbije zomervakantie in Budapest /Sketches from the passed summer holidays in Budapest.

Buda as well as Pest, harbour many inspiring statues, which are very inviting to sketch ...
And so I did, last summer on my trip to Hungary.

- V -


Aquarel - Watercolor
27/35 cm

Way back in time lived and worked in silence and anonymity
humans on whom's shoulders
our society is build.

They were the nameless people who created the possibility for others to become legends.
Also in our times live a huge number of them.
They work for a better world, not with their mouth but with their hands.

I dedicate this one to all those silent workers who change the face of the earth for the better, without jumping on tables or making a fuzz about it.

They are my true heroes.

Read more about the statue itself here 

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