dinsdag 18 april 2017

D 49 te Drenthe

The priestless church on Easter sunday

in my tiny sketchbook
15/10 cm


These "wandering stones" moved to Drenthe (Netherlands) by glaciers in the Ice age and were used by the people of the Funnel(-neck-)beaker culture (from 3500 to 2800 BC) to form their megalithic tombs. 

Archaeologists have named the spatially restricted cultures after the pottery which people of that culture created. This culture covered big parts of the North of Europe. The Funnel (neck) beaker culture (Trechterbekercultuur in Dutch) is further subdivided into groups and stretches from parts of the Netherlands in the West, over Northern Germany to Poland in the East. In the North it is covering Denmark and the South of Sweden.

During the reformation (16th century), protestant preachers used this boulder constelation in the woods near Schoonoord in the province of Drenthe (NL) as pullpit to preach secretly and in safety for their desciples. That's how this "Hunebed" got his name of "Papeloze kerk" which is Dutch for "Priestless church".

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